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        United Way 2019

        Over the last 44 years, Valiant TMS has partnered with United Way as part of our ongoing effort to improve the communities where we live and work.

        During the fall fund drive, representatives from United Way visited Valiant TMS facilities to talk about how the dollars make an impact in the community.

        Valiant TMS in Canada raised more than $69,990 during our 2020 Workplace campaign. A total of 158 team members donated more than $44,990 through individual contributions and special events, along with a corporate gift of $25,000.

        In addition, 30 Valiant TMS Team Members in the United States have donated $12,929 to support the United Way for Southeastern Michigan.

        United Way supports kids and families that need it most within the community. They have many initiatives that focus on education, income, health and community basics, such as food, shelter, and safety.

        To learn more please visit United Way Windsor-Essex County weareunited.com and United Way for Southeastern Michigan unitedwaysem.org.

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