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        Aerospace Assembly Systems and Tools

        We serve the global aerospace industry by developing new, efficient ways of manufacturing and servicing aircraft through the use of automation. Our team of engineers combines creative thinking with scientific knowledge, simulation and exhaustive testing to develop optimal solutions.

        Automated Assembly Systems

        • Intelligent Manufacturing Cells
        • SCADA & MES
        • Assembly and Installation Tools
        • Material Handling Systems
        • Final Assembly Lines
        • Autonomous Navigation Systems
        • Geo Positioning Systems
        • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
        • Joystick Guided Vehicles (JGV)
        • Drilling and Riveting Technologies

        Specialty Equipment

        • Ground Support Equipment
        • Mobile Work Platforms
        • Portable Drive Units
        • Landing Gear Loaders
        • Wire Harness Installation Tools
        • Process Holding Fixtures
        • Locating Jigs
        • Checking Fixtures
        • Custom Tools

        Our Customers

        • Aircraft OEM’s
        • Aircraft Engine Manufacturers
        • Tier-1 and Tier-2 Suppliers
        • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Facilities

        Mobilizing Aircraft Assembly

        Our advanced geo positioning and auto navigation systems can mobilize any work platform to add flexibility to the assembly process. Control systems can be integrated into new or existing platforms.

        Efficiency Through Automation

        Advanced manufacturing technologies drive operating efficiency throughout the industry. Valiant TMS has delivered solutions that have changed the way aircraft are assembled. From fully automated intelligent production cells to groundbreaking automated tooling such as our main landing gear loader, we continue to challenge the status quo.
        Valiant TMS - Aerospace - Engine Component - Intelligent Manufacturing Cell

        No Job is Too Large

        We’ve been part of some large projects, many have been firsts for both us and our customers. Our engineers are always ready to take on unique challenges and work relentlessly to deliver optimal solutions for our customers.

        Multi-Purpose Tools

        Innovative, multi-purpose tools provide value as a workstation, transport device and installation tool in a safe and ergonomic environment, reducing the need for stairs and platforms.
        Valiant TMS - Aerospace - Engine - Automated 3-in-1 Workstation, Transport and Assembly Tooling
        Engine Tool

        Freedom to Move

        Joystick controlled movement combined with rechargeable battery power allows movement free of constraints. These intuitive tools use a combination of self-alignment and micro-inching displacement providing accurate, fast and safe mating with a gentle touch.
        Valiant TMS - Aerospace - Wing - Automated 3-in-1 Workstation, Transport and Assembly Tooling
        Wing Tool


        Tools can be converted to accommodate multiple aircraft models or component variations. Advanced controls system allows independent and tandem movement.
        Valiant TMS - Aerospace - Fuselage - Automated 3-in-1 Workstation, Transport and Assembly Tooling
        Fuselage Tool

        Installation Made Easy

        Easy positioning and compliance allows for effortless component alignment and installation without the challenges that come with using overhead cranes.
        Valiant TMS - Aerospace - Empennage - Automated 3-in-1 Workstation, Transport and Assembly Tooling
        Empennage Tool

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