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        Final Assembly and Conveyor Systems

        We design, build and integrate final assembly and conveyors systems that provide the fit, function and finish required to roll vehicles off the production line and into the showroom.

        Final Assembly

        Semi-automated and fully automated pre-assembly, bolting and final assembly systems.

        • Instrument Panel
        • Glass
        • Moonroof
        • Axle and Drivetrain
        • Front End Modules
        • Body + Chassis Marriage / Bolting
        • Seats
        • Wheels
        • Doors (from storage)
        • Testing + Finishing


        Dependable conveyors that keep the assembly line moving — on the ground and overhead.

        • Electrified Monorail Systems (EMS)
          • Variolift?
          • Varioscope?
          • Variorope?
        • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
          • Varioshuttle?
        • Floor Transport Systems
          • Skillet Conveyors
          • Roller Conveyors
          • Chain Conveyors
          • Belt Conveyors
          • Plate Conveyors
          • Lifters
          • Skid Conveyors

        Experience When it Counts Most

        We have extensive experience designing and integrating a wide range of final assembly systems; from engine sub-assembly to gluing automation and suspension build-up to body + chassis marriage. Our solutions are engineered and validated in the digital space for efficiency, function and ergonomics, paving the way for a highly predictable manufacturing and integration process.


        The Variolift? is an award-winning lifting device for electrified monorail systems (EMS) used on a variety of applications; including automotive body and engine assembly, aircraft engine assembly and general industrial applications.

        The Variolift? was designed to:

        • Reduce the overall height of the carrier (when the lifting unit is raised)
        • Reduce the size of the supporting structure
        • Reduce engineering and manufacturing cost
        • Improve rigidity and positioning accuracy
        • Improve personal protection and safety

        Let’s work together.

        Learn how we can help you boost productivity.

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