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        • Research and Development
        • Proposal and Estimating
        • Advance Processing
        • Mechanical Engineering and Design
        • Controls Engineering and Design
        • FEA Simulation
        • Process Simulation
        • Robot Simulation and Offline Programming
        • Virtual Commissioning

        System Integration

        • Tool Assembly
        • PLC Programming and Integration
        • Robot Programming and Integration
        • CMM and Laser Measurement
        • Mixed Reality Inspection and Validation (Microsoft? HoloLens)
        • Testing and Debugging
        • 3D Laser Scanning
        • Additive Manufacturing Lab (3D Printing)
        • Fabrication and Machining

        Installation and Launch

        • Equipment Installation
        • Installation Supervision
        • Documentation & Training
        • Production Launch Support
        • 3D Laser Scanning

        After-Sales Services

        • Recommended Spare Parts
        • Spare Parts Sales
        • Reliability and Maintainability
        • Wellness Audits
        • Preventative Maintenance Programs
        • Additive Manufacturing Lab (3D Printing)
        • On-site Equipment Service

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