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        Tools, Jigs, Fixtures and Gages

        Specialty crafted tools built to the highest quality standards, on time and on budget.?

        Product and Solutions

        Design-to-Build or Build-to-Print

        • Custom Tools and Equipment
        • Checking Fixtures and Gages
        • Locating and Installation Jigs
        • Process Holding Fixtures
        • Assembly Fixtures
        • Hydroforming Dies
        • Test Stands
        • Cradles and Frames
        • Trolleys
        • Remanufacturing Services
        • Reverse Engineering and Inspection with 3D Blue Light Scanning

        What Sets Us Apart?

        High Standards
        Our skilled tradespeople have been designing and building specialty tooling for a long time, in fact our company was founded based on this expertise. Tap into the knowledge and skill of this team and you’ll be rewarded with high quality tools, built right the first time to process your products for a long time.

        We Partner with Our Customers
        When we combine our tooling knowledge with our customers’ product expertise, we quickly find the right solutions and we’re able to develop optimal tools for the job.

        Stability and Resources
        The benefits of a larger company, with the focus of a specialized Tool & Gage team.

        Craftsmanship Meets Flexibility

        Visually, our work stands out. First impressions matter and nothing leaves our shop floor without passing rigorous quality tests. Our customers are always evolving their product designs and we support their innovation process by being flexible to their needs while maintaining a commitment to quality, cost and timing.


        • 10 Bridgeports
        • 12 Vertical Mills
        • 3 Small Boring Mills
        • 1 Yasda Precision
        • Machining Center
        • 3 Lathes
        • 4 Surface Grinders
        • 2 ID/OD Grinders
        • 1 Jig Grinder
        • 2 Wire EDM Machines
        • 1 Small Radial Drill
        • 2 CMM Inspection Machines
        • 4 Saws
        • 3 10 Ton Cranes

        Equipment Capacity

        • Vertical Mills 24” wide x 24” high x 40” to 60” Long
        • Boring Mills 60” wide x 60” high
        • Yasda Machining Center 44” wide x 60” high
        • Lathe Max Turning Capability 27” diameter x 48” long
        • Inspection CMM 54” x 80” x 128”

        Let’s work together.

        Learn how we can help you boost productivity.

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